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As a responsible business, we recognise that sustainability needs to be fully embedded into everything we do. We’ve set sustainability as a strategic priority within our business strategy, with overarching targets and goals against our core sustainability material issues.

We also have a network of Planet Champions across our business who support local Planet initiatives, engagement events and embedding our sustainability strategy.

Our Sustainability Priorities


Climate change presents a serious threat to us all in the food industry, and at SHS we are committed to playing our part by reducing our environmental impact. One way we do this is by purchasing 100% certified renewable electricity and setting ambitious targets for Scope 1 and 2 emissions.


We are a zero-to-landfill company with a focus on waste elimination before we reduce, reuse, and recycle. We segregate all our waste streams to ensure as much is recycled as possible.


We’re committed to reducing our water footprint and have set objectives around increasing our water efficiency.

Sustainable Sourcing

We’re committed to sustainable sourcing and ensuring our supply chains are as sustainable as practicable.


We’re working to reduce the environmental impact of our packaging across our Group and have fixed targets for recyclability. We continue to work with suppliers to improve the sustainability of our packaging.