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Technical & Quality

As consumers and shoppers become increasingly demanding about the quality and value of private label products we have continually sought to ensure we do not disappoint either them or our customers. As a pro-active brand choice, not a cheaper default option, we understand that quality above all else will determine a shopper's repeated purchase behaviour for private label and therefore we strive to excel in this area.

Our team of experts are committed to delivering the following services for you:

We are committed to continually monitoring and analysing production processes to ensure that we persistently improve and amend our products in line with customer and consumer feedback.

Working with customers through every stage of the product development stage to refine, improve and enhance your product so that it has the best opportunity to succeed in the market place.

Being available to yourself, your partners and your customers to share our expertise and knowledge to enhance your private label offering.

In parallel to this we take our responsibilities towards legal and ethical production incredibly seriously and take all measure necessary to deliver a safe and legal product.

These measures include:

  • Being committed to sourcing goods from reputable suppliers who are regularly audited and approved against recognised industry standards & codes of practice and who can demonstrate their ability to supply products that are safe, legal and of consistent quality.

  • Ensuring that suppliers have procedures in place to provide products that comply with the retailer safety standards and other relevant UK and E.U legislation.

  • Ensuring all packaging and product labelling meets the requirements of UK & E.U. food labelling legislation.

  • Maintaining our BRC agents and Brokers Accreditation.

Maintaining our BRC agents and Brokers Accreditation

Commitment to ethical sourcing of products and ensuring that our suppliers comply with local laws governing labour, employment and health and safety.