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11 September, 2023 | Brand News

New TG Tips

Copy of PG Tips

PG Tips, one of the UK's most beloved tea brands, has launched a new blend that promises the perfect flavour in just 60 seconds. And, if your customers don’t love the taste of their new refreshing cuppa, then they can claim their money back!

PG Tips has a long history of creating high-quality tea blends with over 90 years of experience. The new tea blend has been created by selecting only the highest quality tea leaves, hand-picked from equatorial tea gardens at high altitudes. The result is a full-bodied and rich flavour that is sure to satisfy. The 60-second brewing time is achieved through a new square-shaped tea bag to deliver a perfect flavour release.

The tea is also designed to be brewed quickly, making it perfect for those who want a delicious cup of tea without waiting for it to brew for long periods. Whether you're a seasoned tea drinker or simply looking for a quick and delicious cup of tea, this new blend is sure to please.