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Our Vision, Philosophy & Values

Our mission, philosophy and values guide us every day. They outline what matters to us and they shape our entire culture. They also give you an indication of the kind of company we’ll be as your partner.

Our Philosophy

Our community makes us strong. We look out for each other, encourage bold ideas and take smart risks to create stability and opportunity for all.


Our Values

Our values are embodied in a single word. SPIRIT captures our essence – expressing the dynamic culture here at SHS, and reflecting the attitudes and behaviours that drive us forward.

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Stronger together
We acheive more when we think and act as one

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We are all accountable for delivering our best results

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We show honesty and humility in our relationships

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We do the right thing by our people, brands business patners and community

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We welcome creative ways to add value and make things happen

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We collaborate enthusiatically, respect each other and celebrate success