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Where Great Brands Grow


Leading household glove brand Marigold has been keeping consumers' hands protected for over 65 years and remains the nation's favourite and most trusted brand.

The Marigold range is not just for dishes but has a diverse range of uses including kitchens and bathrooms and has introduced a tougher and stronger outdoor range. Marigold Kitchen, Marigold Bathroom and Marigold Outdoor Tough gloves are consistently in demand from consumers looking for a brand they trust when tackling household chores whilst more recent additions such as Marigold Sensitive and Marigold Disposable demonstrate how the brand is listening and responding to on-going consumer needs.

SHS Sales and Marketing were re-engaged by the brand owner in 2012 to work across the Grocery and ICC channels in GB & Ireland. Since this time SHS Sales and Marketing have made the Marigold brand available to shoppers in over 115 new retail customers including Tesco Ireland, resulting in substantial sales growth of over 219%. Whilst Marigold were already the clear category leader within household gloves the strong delivery from SHS Sales and Marketing has cemented Marigold's position at number 1 through growing category share from 26 to 33%.

"The results really do speak for themselves over the last three years and we have been continually impressed with SHS Sales and Marketing’s ability to interpret shopper insight, network across the whole industry and leverage those relationships for commercial advantage. The Marigold brand was already in a strong position but the critical work which SHS Sales and Marketing have delivered ensures that the brand will stay number one for the foreseeable future."

Dean Richardson – FHP Sales Director