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Where Great Brands Grow


Crackers and crispbreads continue to be a core item on UK shopping lists with 90% of UK households regularly shopping the category(1), adding an additional £26m in sales over the last year(2). However, as consumers increasingly look for healthier and more sustainable food choices, they are unwilling to compromise on taste and variety. Leading savoury biscuit brand Ryvita, has continually evolved to expand its portfolio beyond the original rye breads to include Thins, Minis and Crackerbreads, in order to meet these changing consumer needs, and appeal to a wider range of snacking missions.

As a firm consumer favourite for almost 100 years, Ryvita appeals year-round to those consumers who either want something less heavy than bread on a lunchtime, or who are looking for a nutritious but healthier snack to keep them going during the day.  Well established as a brand that cares about consumer health, Ryvita is the number 1 healthy brand in the UK and is still growing by almost 7% year-on-year3, despite its long history. 

SHS Sales and Marketing took a strategic approach to developing the Ryvita brand, ensuring it was available to consumers throughout the year as a pro-active & healthier choice, not just at those traditional healthy eating seasons like new year and pre-summer holidays. Through building distribution across the grocery and consumer channels and creating impactful in-store displays, the team at SHS Sales and Marketing have grown incremental sales on the brand by almost 20%.  

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