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Where Great Brands Grow

Dorset Cereals

Growing numbers of consumers have recognised the role a healthy and nutritious breakfast plays in powering them up for a busy day ahead and are now making more of an effort to ensure they are choosing the best option for a better start.

Leading muesli & granola brand Dorset Cereals, now accounts for over 30%1 of the wholesome cereal category, becoming the cereal of choice for many health-conscious shoppers.

Dorset Cereals are a range of vegan friendly, high quality blends of fruits, nuts and seeds, produced by cereal lovers in Dorset, for those consumers who want to take Breakfast on the Slow and truly savour the taste of the premium ingredients.  The combination of flavours and textures across the Dorset Cereal’s range of granolas and mueslis has delivered continual year on year growth as more consumers discover the brand. 

That discovery has been made possible through working with SHS Sales and Marketing to make the brand more available and visible to consumers, wherever they are shopping. Whilst the granola category in general has seen growth, the increase in distribution driven by SHS Sales and Marketing through the independent & convenience channel, has seen Dorset Cereals out-perform the market, growing by almost 16% year on year vs category growth of 7%².  This means more shoppers can purchase Dorset Cereal from their local store, making it more convenient for them to ensure a healthier start to their day. 

1. Jordans & Dorset Cereals Combined Value -  Mults & Impulse Nielsen scantrack 52 wk 14 November 2020

2. Kantar – MAT Value - 52 week to 27.12.2020