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Burton's Biscuits

Biscuits are the everyday treat enjoyed by almost everyone in the UK, with over 99% of households buying from the category(1). Whether it's a quick cookie with a mid-morning brew, a chunky chocolate-coated biscuit to make lunch more interesting or something to nibble before bed, biscuits are the go-to snack for millions of UK consumers every day.

As working and snacking habits have evolved over recent months, consumers have spent an additional £160m on biscuits, driving category growth of 5.5%2. Leading that growth is the portfolio of brands from Burton's Biscuits including consumer favourites Maryland Cookies, Wagon Wheels, Jammie Dodgers and Mars Biscuits & Cookies. 

With a baking heritage going as far back as 1829, Burton's Biscuits has been synonymous with great quality, innovative biscuit ranges for almost two centuries.  From the classic Maryland Cookie, first baked in 1956 and regularly enjoyed by over ¼ of all biscuit lovers, to the 125 million Wagon Wheels bought by consumers every year, Burton's Biscuits contains a whole portfolio of exciting, diverse and tasty treats to brighten up any biscuit barrel3. Proving there's something for everyone, the range also includes the UK's number 1 selling shortbread brand, Paterson's, Jammie Dodgers, bought by over one in five UK households and a range of brands produced under licence including Mars Cookies and Galaxy Moments4. 

Partnering with SHS Sales & Marketing has ensured that consumers can continue to access their biscuit favourites wherever they're shopping, with particular focus on growing availability and visibility in the independent and convenience channels. The SHS Sales & Marketing team has delivered the successful launch of Maltesers biscuits into the ICC channel in 2020, swiftly followed by Galaxy Moments in 2021. Understanding that value perception is crucial in this competitive channel, the team also identified the need for a PMP and worked with Burton's Biscuits to optimise the case size and deliver PMP’s on Maryland Cookies to drive consumer demand in the brand. So successful has the partnership with SHS Sales & Marketing been, that Burton's Biscuits is the only manufacturer in the category to outperform the total market in the channel4.

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