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Where Great Brands Grow


As the nation become more conscious about its waistline the healthier cereal category has experienced growth with consumers eager to get their day off to nutritious start. Jordans cereal has been at the forefront of bringing delicious and nutritious options to consumer’s breakfast tables since 1972 to enable them to make healthier and tastier choices.

Having commenced work with the Jordans and Country Crisp brands in 2003 across the Grocery and ICC channels, SHS Sales and Marketing have created better access to and visibility of the brands for shoppers across the UK and Ireland. With a focus on driving retail distribution and creating initiatives that guarantee consumer pull-through, SHS Sales and Marketing have succeeded through a relentless  effort on prioritising the core range in every store.

The cereal category continues to play an important role in shopper’s breakfast choices delivering over £1.7bn in sales to the UK retail trade annually.  For those consumers seeking a healthier alternative in the  morning, leading supplier Jordans has been producing wholesome, great-tasting options for over forty years.    Jordans is  the UK’s number 1 Granola  brand, constantly adding innovative new options such as Lighter Granola to contribute to its annual £57m sales revenue. In addition Jordans Country Crisp  has  the perfect combination of oat clusters and fruit that don’t go soggy in  milk and is  loved by consumers.

Demonstrating expertise across both  retail and wholesale channels the team at SHS Sales and Marketing have displayed strategic thinking, tenacity and creativity with key accounts to validate the potential sales and profit opportunity.  Within major wholesaler Booker, activity levels have exceeded any previous campaign incorporating national promotional activity on Country Crisp and van sales to generate an increase in distribution of over 17%.