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Chewits is one of the most iconic confectionery brands in the UK, much loved by both children and adults.

Brand owner Cloetta partnered with SHS Sales & Marketing in 2011 and over the past 3 years the two companies have worked to drive sales, national UK distribution and merchandising of Chewits and Vimto Sweets across all channels. 

The SHS category insights are informing Cloetta’s ongoing dedication to bringing exciting and relevant NPD to market.  Through new pack format additions (sharing bags) to new flavours and ranges, Chewits has retained its loyal following of both children and nostalgic adults.

Chewits’ successful portfolio includes core stick packs in a range of flavours, multipacks, sharing bags and the Xtreme range, offering sour flavours. The brand has also broken into the kid’s hard-bubble gum market with Chewie Gum, aimed at 8-11 year olds, available in three fruity flavours. The Vimto Sweets range consists of stickpacks, Vimto Tongue Ticklers, 5 stick multipacks and bags of twistwrap sweets.

“The company has a solutions-based approach  and created a dedicated, focused confectionery team to lead the growth of Chewits. Over the past two years SHS Sales and Marketing has driven distribution to a point where Chewits now has market leading growth. The company’s open and transparent approach, combined with an unwavering focus to achieve brand development, has made SHS Sales & Marketing the only choice for Cloetta.”

Stuart Lane, Commercial Director, Cloetta