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WKD Shot to Attract New Era of RTD Consumers

WKD Shot to Attract New Era of RTD Consumers

It brings a completely new dimension to the shots category and it carries a ‘mango & chilli flavour’ descriptor on the front of the vibrant, colourful, high-impact sleeve design on the 700ml bottles. The product has been made to appeal to current and lapsed WKD drinkers by opening up a new at home WKD drinking occasion for groups of friends, and, with most ‘hot’ shots currently available being cinnamon-based, the mango & chilli flavour brings something new to the market.


The WKD Fiery Shot joins WKD Blue Shot, which was initially seeded into selected stores as WKD 1 last year and has now been re-named and given a new pack design to align it with the new WKD Fiery Shot.


The new additions are being supported with a marketing mix of innovative digital activity, which enables the brand to interact directly with consumers; screen-media advertising; and point-of-purchase communications.

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